Overcome Dental Fear With IV Sedation Dentistry

Dental Sedation Options To Help You Relax

Dental Anxiety

If dental fear or anxiety has been holding you back from getting the treatment you need, talk to us about sedation dentistry options. Our periodontist often treats patients with sedation dentistry, and offers IV sedation for those who are undergoing more complex procedures.

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How IV Sedation Works

Intravenous conscious sedation (IV sedation) involves administering anesthesia through an IV to reduce anxiety and induce a state of relaxation. Most patients feel like they are in a dream state when the anesthesia is circulating through the body but are still awake, while others fall asleep. This type of sedation is often necessary when patients are undergoing more complex procedures, such as dental implants or wisdom teeth removal.

Our periodontist administers IV sedation and understands that some patients have a high level of fear or anxiety and procedures can be overwhelming or uncomfortable. IV sedation is a convenient solution for many patients.

Benefits of IV Sedation

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Do You Need IV Sedation?

If you are very sensitive to pain, have a strong gag reflex, or have a very high level of fear or anxiety about your procedure, IV sedation may be right for you. Many patients find it easier to get through their treatment plan when they know they are going to be sedated throughout treatment.

Don’t delay dental treatment because of fear! We have sedation dentistry options available to make your visits that much more comfortable. Learn more about IV sedation by scheduling an appointment with your periodontist today.

IV sedation is ideal for patients undergoing the following procedures:

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