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Transformative Smile Solutions Are Our Passion

Providing a great patient experience is integral to delivering excellent care at Implant Dental Works. Advanced technologies, extensive skills and a compassionate touch enable Dr. Marc Christian Kay to provide the best full arch dental implant services in Manhattan, NY. When you visit Implant Dental Works, you’ll benefit from our on-site lab and state-of-the-art technology, including: a 3D printer, chrome guides, intraoral camera, cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), NDX® nSequence surgical guidance, and smile simulation technology, as well as an in-house milling machine that enables us to create and place immediate load solutions. We offer free second opinions on all arch cases and, provided patients follow our strict maintenance and checkup recommendations, our full arch solutions come with a lifetime warranty!

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State-of-the-Art Smile Solutions

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Dr. Marc Christian Kay discussing a procedure with a patient

The Benefits of Seeing a Periodontist

As a periodontist, Dr. Kay has completed three years of specialized training in both hard and soft tissue treatments, amassing knowledge and expertise on periodontal disease, oral inflammation and bone grafting treatments, which is essential to achieving optimal dental implant outcomes. He treats any underlying soft or hard tissue problem right away, to ensure a healthy foundation for your dental implants. In addition to having the right skills to ensure maximum stability and functionality of our implants, Dr. Kay has the artistic eye to determine how his patients’ soft tissues will frame their implants for beautiful, natural-looking aesthetics. Committed to excellence and with a passion for delivering a superior patient experience, Dr. Kay participates in ongoing training. With the expertise and devotion necessary to navigate complex cases, Dr. Kay is an ideal choice for full mouth dental implants in Manhattan, NY.

Our Periodontist Teaching Others

Dr. Kay completed his periodontics residency at the New York University College of Dentistry and currently serves as a clinical faculty member in their Advanced Aesthetics and Occlusion Department. In addition to teaching at NYU, Dr. Kay believes in sharing his full mouth dental implant knowledge with other surgeons. That’s one of the primary reasons why he established the AAFMR institute, a research and teaching academy dedicated to training clinicians the latest transformative full mouth rehabilitation protocols while providing patients with world-class full mouth dental implants.

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Going Above and Beyond to Deliver Affordable Smiles

At Implant Dental Works, we’ve seen firsthand how full arch dental implants change people’s lives. We don’t want to see anyone who is motivated to transform their smile miss this life-changing treatment simply due to financial constraints. As such, we offer a limited number of charitable dental implant grants every year to qualifying patients. Although this program doesn’t provide free or fully subsidized full arch dental implants, it substantially reduces the cost of receiving a full arch of teeth.

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